The SF Vault, a top collaborative workspace and innovation hub in San Francisco has joined forces with FinTech Portfolio, a group of FinTech entrepreneurs building companies from scratch; to launch FinTech Plex and foster FinTech innovation for both startups and financial institutions.

“A recent article in Institutional Investor pointed out the particular importance of collaboration for getting fintech startups and corporate initiatives off the ground. We’re extremely pleased to work with FinTech Portfolio to develop a new laboratory for fintech innovation.” – Kevin Smith, Founder of The SF Vault.

As a member of the FinTech Plex, you’ll be able to tap into The Vault’s wide array of amenities including 17,000 square feet of workspace, event and library space, startup support services and perks which recently earned The Vault the #1 collaborative workspace in San Francisco.  Your membership also includes discounted FinTech training and events done by FinTech Portfolio  and hosted by The Vault. As a member-owned community, access is provided to a local pool of FinTech experts, shared resources and networks to launch your fintech startup in 90 days or less.

“Given Kevin’s background and his vision for The SF Vault, we couldn’t have asked for a better partner. We see a great future together as we continue to partner with Financial Institutions to drive their FinTech innovation agenda forward” -Amilcar Chavarria, Co-Founder of FinTech Portfolio

New residents of the new fintech co-working space include:

  1. An early stage investment firm, Seedchange, backed by Wall St. A-listers.
  2. FundPaaS, the “paypal” for equity crowdfunding, a twelve-person SF startup focused on turning any website into a crowdfunding portal by converting customers into investors.
  3. The one-stop shop for FinTech training, the FinTech School, which features marquee clients and partners such as Moody’s Analytics, IBM and The Wharton School of Business.
  4. Other pre-launch fintech portfolio companies in blockchain and insurtech spaces


About The SF Vault
Collaborative workspace and innovation hub founded on the principle that people work better together. Voted #1 co-working space in San Francisco Voted #8 co-working space in the US.

About FinTech Portfolio
A community of ex- bankers, asset managers, government officials, technology pros and financial regulators joining forces to launch FinTech companies from scratch in a member-owned community of entrepreneurs that shares resources, deep industry experience and professional networks in order to foster innovation for both startups and financial institutions.  For membership, please email

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